How to choose crystals for meditation and Self Healing ?

Know how to choose crystals for meditation and self healing.



Meditating with crystals is one of the most beautiful experiences we can have with crystals. When we still ourselves and tune into the energy of a crystal, we can become more aware of how each crystal works. We can also understand more about how each crystal can effect us. Some crystals open our hearts, some inspire us and some can calm us.


Choosing a crystal to meditate with, can be like choosing dinner at a restaurant, from a menu. Celestite has a flavour all of its own, and each piece of celestite has its own personality. Choosing to meditate with celestite will be very different to mediating with azeztulite.


Knowing a little about each crystal can help us to make an informed choice as to which crystal to meditate with. If we don’t know much about a particular crystal, we can meditate with it to find out more about it. We can consult a reference book, a colleague, dowse or just use our intuition to choose the right crystal to meditate with at a specific moment.


Once we have decided what the intent of the meditation is to be, it is easy to use one of the methods mentioned in, “ how to choose a crystal “, to select the appropriate crystal for the job. Selecting crystals is all about knowing what we want the crystal to do and then utilising one of our techniques. If we want to meditate on Love and the heart charka, Rose Quartz is a good choice.


With regard to the size of crystal, we may choose to tune in and meditate with a crystal from a distance or by holding it. If we are going to hold the crystal then we you should choose one of a reasonable size. We may want to work with a rough stone or perhaps a smoother polished stone. Each type has its advantages.

Choosing crystals for specific self healing, involves understanding which situations you want to deal with. Certain crystals are more suited to certain areas or certain treatments. We can often notice, simply by the colour of a stone, where it may be most useful. At other times, we use our previous knowledge or intuition. As we become more advanced at working with crystals, we also become more acquainted with how each crystal can work at deeper levels and a larger range of crystals. For example, Peridot is green and very useful for working with the liver and the kidneys. Azeztulite is excellent for clearing all kinds of blockages and works at a cellular level.


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