African Minerals and Tiger’s Eye

African minerals including Tiger’s Eye.




What do you notice when you place your attention upon the Mysterious continent of Africa? You can choose from the deserts of Egypt and the high Atlas mountains, through the glorious jungles of Congo and Zimbabwe to the distinctive plateaus of South Africa. The mysterious Continent of Africa conjures up visions of such variety and colour. Imagine how the greens of the jungle contrast with the reds and oranges of each sunset and the yellows of the desert.


The Crystals and Minerals of Africa are equally diverse in their colours and type. In the north in Morocco you can find Gypsum, Desert Rose, Agate and many fossils. The mines of the Congo are often referred to as the Copper belt, where you can find such treasures as Malachite, Azurite, Cuprite and Chrysocolla. Madagascar is home to some of the finest minerals in the world, including Celestite, Danburite, Spinels and Quartz Clusters. South Africa is home to the Kimberley mine, where the finest Diamonds in the world are found.


South Africa is built upon some of the richest mineral deposits in the whole world. In particular South Africa has the largest deposit of Tiger’s Eye on the planet. Tiger’s Eye is formed through the oxidation of Crocodilite ( also known as blue Asbestos). Once oxidised the Crocodilite becomes the very safe and friendly Limonite. It is the layers of limonite with its distinctive colours that produce Tiger’s Eye. The silky sheen produced by the fibres of limonite play with light to produce a stunning sheen. When Tiger’s Eye is polished its true beauty becomes evident.


The effect of light (also known as chatoyancy) upon the polished stone appears like an eye, which is where the name comes from. It is due to this appearance that people thought that Tiger’s eye can heal problems with the eyes and improve vision. In the middle Ages it was often used to make amulets that protect the wearer against spells, demons and the evil eye. This makes a lot of sense when we begin to learn about the properties of this wonderful mineral. As we become more confident we are less likely to be affected by outside influences.


Everybody can do with a friendly word of encouragement, a nurturing hug or just some support from time to time. Like any good friend Tiger’s Eye imparts all these gifts effortlessly. Tiger’s Eye is one of those stones that are invaluable when dealing with the surprises of life. Whatever the situation, Tiger’s Eye helps us to maintain a healthy detachment and a positive attitude.


Tiger’s Eye combines the energies of the Sun and the Earth. Mentally, Tiger’s Eye brings clarity to our thought processes and inspires us to be more creative with our choices. Emotionally, Tiger’s Eye brings stability and creates a nurturing environment. Physically Tiger’s Eye strengthens our bodies and allows energy to flow more efficiently.


Tiger’s Eye works on the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. When these chakras are balanced we naturally feel more confident, grounded and centered. There are three different types of Tiger’s eye. The golden tiger’s eye is the most common and is great for the solar plexus and promoting confidence and creating mental clarity. Bull’s Eye is the red variety which creates stability and enhances our creativity. Falcon’s Eye is the blue variety and helps us to communicate in a confident manner.


Tiger’s Eye is a very common mineral and is very easy to use and find. Tumbled stones are very easy to work with and can be carried around in your pockets or placed on the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. Wearing Tiger’s Eye is an excellent way to work with its uplifting and supportive energies. It is possible to buy pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets made out of this mineral. You can find a variety of forms of Tiger’s Eye at our website


There is a formation of this mineral called Tiger Iron. This combination of minerals includes Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Quartz and Hematite. Tiger Iron is formed when these minerals are pushed together under high pressure and high temperatures. This type of formation is called metamorphic and occurs where continental shelves meet. Tiger Iron is very useful in high pressure situations and helps you to keep your head while all around are loosing theirs.


There are few minerals as positive and life enhancing as this gift from South Africa. This mineral is an essential tool found in all good crystal therapists tool box. So, why don’t you put a Tiger in your tank and test drive a piece of Tiger’s Eye.



If you want to find out even more about crystals and their properties, you can read any number of crystal books. My favourites include Love is in the Earth by Melody, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, The Complete Practitioners Guide by Hazel Raven and The Book of Stones by Bob Simmons. Each of these books has its own style and opinions.


As you learn more about stones, you will begin to formulate your own ideas and insights into the energies and properties of minerals and crystals. Spend some time getting to know your crystals and become your own authority.

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