Apophylite with Stilbite 114grams

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Apophylite is a crystal with a high water content. This makes this crystal quite an emotional stone. It can teach you to strengthen your emotional body by connection you to your intuition through trust and no fear, it can bring strength and courage to unknowns in life. Great at aiding meditation and innersight, whether it's psychic work, astral travel or developing intuition. It's also good at helping the lungs take a deeper breathe, for greater calm.
​​​​​​​Stilbite is a beautiful loving stone that helps the heart to radiate LOVE. It helps with meditation by opening up stiller spaces within the sense of self. It's great at calming down the mind and sitting with a calmer being. It helps to show you the way by showing you the obstacles that might be holding you back in your life. It has the