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Supplying the Highest Quality Gems, Minerals and Jewellery since 1999.

Globalcrystals.com is the online service for Global Tribe Crystals, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Global Tribe began in Brasil over 15 years ago, whilst I was travelling in South America. It was here that I was introduced to the amazing crystal and mineral resources of Brasil. On returning to England I opened our current store in the heart of Leeds City Centre. As many of you are already aware, I opened the store on the Sunday and met the love of my life, Bev, on the Monday. Together we have been running the store and learning more and more about the facinating world of crystals, minerals, philosophy and meditation.

These days Bev and I are less in the store as we continue to inprove the Global Tribe experience in new and exciting ways. We are lucky to have a great team to help us in the every day running of the shop. Emma and Annaly are both regularly in the shop to answer your crystal requirements. We stock a huge range of crystals from Azeztulite to Zeolites and a fine range of jewellery including silver and gold.

The online team includes Mario and Bev. We are very happy to answer your online requirements from simple questions to more complex orders, including DHL shipping.

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Global Tribe first opened its doors in 1999 and since then we have served thousands of clients with over 20 tonnes of crystals from 25p tumbled stones to £5000 Amethyst geodes.

The Global Tribe shop continues to be the heart of all our enterprises. You will always get a smile and feel at home in our store in Leeds. The store has many more products than we can show on our websites so if you are after anything in particular then feel free to email us with your requests. Thousands of people are passing through the Global Tribe doors and many a great friendship or life changing discussion has been had within the walls of Global Tribe. Oooh !! the shop could tell a few stories.

We are happy to be one of the only retail outlets in the UK, who select the majority of their crystals from source. Since forging strong links with our suppliers in Brasil, we have continued to seek our products from their origins.We currently import crystals directly from Brasil, Chile, Peru, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. We are currently working with some contacts in India and Siberia with a view to buy direct from these countries. In 2012 we begin forging links into Africa, especially Tanzania.Our primary business is retail although we have a few Wholesale clients in the UK and will continue to grow that side of the business.

One of our greatest passions is increasing awareness of how we can use these crystals in their various forms. We have learned so much about the world of crystals, including attending the full practitioners course in crystal healing diploma, with Hazel Raven. It was when we began to meditate regularly that we truly started to access the energies of crystals.We have been running courses in Crystals since 1999 and have been teaching a crystal awareness seminars for 12 years. These courses have been run from our centre in Roundhay, Leeds. We offer introductory seminars as well as more advanced seminars.We also run a whole host of other courses from Roundhay including a range of Meditation workshops from breath to the more advanced Direct Energy Meditation.

We have also been giving talks and demonstrations on both crystals and meditation for various groups and at various shows. We are regularly asked to come and do a talk and are happy to oblige. This year we will be doing talks at The Ilkley Complimentary Health Festival, The Living Lightly Group and at The Health and Healing Fairs.

The online shop has been live since 2005. The website continues to be an ongoing project which continues to grow and reach out further and further every month. So far we have been selling as far afield as Australia and California. The online shop has sold more than 10,000 pieces to all parts of the globe and to over 1000 clients.

So many thanks to all who have added their energy to the mix that is Global Tribe Crystals and lots of love to all who are about to take a journey of discovery with us......

Mario 2012