Green Fluorite cluster Weardale

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Beautiful green fluorite cluster from Weardale, UK. This cluster shows really goos examples of the fluorite cube formation. There are some smalll quartz crystals in this piece too.
luorite is from the halide family, which includes salt and has a cubic structure. The colours exhibited byfluorite range from clear, purple, blue, green through to yellow. Fluorite is a great cleanser and is great for clearing blockages and also for clearing environments. Fluorite embraces community and inspires truth and balance. Fluorite asks us to be our true selves
Fluorite is a beautiful crystal that forms in a range of colours including multi-coloured specimens, which can include orange, blue, purple, clear and green. These crystal exhibit an isometric structure and have a hardness of 4.
Fluorite is an excellent cleansing stone which can be used on all chakras. These crystals have a cooling and calming energy that leave the user feeling incredibly refreshed.
Fuorite can also be used in office and home situations to create a more ordered environment. This multi-functioning stone is very useful and versatile.
When working with, wearing and storing it is useful to note that it is a relatively soft stone and needs care in storage and whilst wearing it.
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