High Grade Lemurian Quartz

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  Very high grade quartz crystal single point from Brazil. This variety is rare and very difficult to find.This point is clear in the middle of the crystal with very few flaws that can be seen with the naked eye. The surface faces of this point (4 sides) have very clear ridges running along the edges almost like barcodes. This is known as a Lemurian seed crystals as it is believed to hold knowledge from ancient times. The edges that have no barcoding enable you see into the crystal and how clear it is. The tip is covered with tape to protect the tip. The energy of this piece is very clean, clear and fast as there are no fractures within the crystal to hinder the flow of the energy.

Quartz is the purest form of SiO2, which exhibits a Trigonal structure and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.
Quatz is known as the master crystal as it is so useful in so many ways. Quartz has a simplicity which can work both at surface and at very deep levels. Clear quartz brings clarity and inspiration. Quartz activates all chakras when placed upon them, it also clears and energises thses chakras. Quartz is a natural amplifier which can enhance the energy and characteristics of any of the crystals or minerals that it works with.
Quartz has often been termed the all singing all dancing crystal, as it can be energetically programmed to do all manner of jobs, including distance healing.
When choosing a quartz, the clearer the crystal the faster the energy, and the clearer the energy. When working with points then be sure to choose a crystal with a good definite point. Milky quartzes are also wonderful to work with but they have a much gentler and calmer energy.
Quartz naturally supports the etheric bodies and enhances the communication between the etheric and physical aspects.

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