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Mondays at Global Tribe: Acupuncture and more with Jude

On Mondays we are happy to host Jude in our therapy space! She offers traditional acupuncture, indian head massage and holistic facials. Here's a little about these treatments and how they can benefit you!


Acupuncture -

Initial consultation (90 mins) £55

Follow ups (45 mins) £45

Indian Head Massage (35 mins) £30

Holistic Facial (60 mins) £55

For bookings and more information, contact or text/call 07740 349322

Who benefits from acupuncture?

People of all ages can benefit from having acupuncture to help manage a range of health

conditions. Sometimes, people choose acupuncture when their body systems feel out of

balance, even though they have no obvious symptoms. Some choose to have regular

treatment because they find it beneficial and relaxing, especially if they lead a very stressful

life. Often, people turn to acupuncture to take back control of their health whilst others

want to understand their body in a deeper way, wanting to look after their health, mind and


Is there evidence that acupuncture works?

In the last couple of decades, high quality clinical trials have been conducted and the

evidence base for acupuncture is now growing. Most clinical research is concentrated on

chronic pain. This has resulted in a large, systematic review* of over 20,000 patients that

demonstrates that acupuncture Is effective and the results are not purely due to the

placebo effect. More details can be found on the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)


Does the NHS recommend acupuncture?

Acupuncture on the NHS is now recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and

Care Excellence) for managing chronic pain as well as migraines and headaches.

Under General Medical Council guidelines, GPs may refer patients to practitioners listed on

a Professional Standards Authority (PSA) Accredited Register. The BAcC is the accredited

register for traditional acupuncture. The PSA recommends that the public only see

practitioners on an accredited or statutory register, giving you the confidence you need.

Indian Head Massage

Rooted in the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, Indian Head Massage works on the

belief that ailments are caused by blockages in the energy flow around the body; massage

helps clear blockages, returning the body to a state of health.

It is a deeply relaxing treatment. It is often used for those suffering from stress, tension

headaches, sinusitis, ear problems, insomnia, hair loss, muscular tension and fatigue.

A full treatment usually takes about 30 minutes and your first session will include an

additional consultation. You will need to remove jewellery but can otherwise remain fully

clothed. Treatment takes place whilst you are sitting. It covers your upper back and

shoulders, neck, head, face and ears.

Holistic Facial

The Neals Yard Remedies Holistic Facial isn't just skin deep, it's a sensual and enjoyable


I use a range of Neal’s Yard products (including vegan options). The facial combines skin

nourishment and soothing massage, leaving skin feeling fresher and looking clearer and

more radiant. It includes an arm, shoulder, decollete and neck massage. An hour of

indulgence that will leave you feeling really relaxed and with glowing skin.

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