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Here we have a gorgeous rough azurite piece. Measures just under 2"



A prized stone since ancient times due to the intensity of it’s blue colour. It has been used as paint pigment in the world of art as well as amulets of protection and wisdom in ancient Egypt and Persia. This colour blue is good for protection from negativity and sourcery.

Azurite is very delicate and fragile and can fade in coour if exposed in direct sun light for a long period of time.

Azurite has been used to awaken and develop the psychic centres for clairvoyance. Its specifically good at clearing confusion so we are able to see the world more clearly, keeping self control especially in stressful situations, conferences, interviews, exams etc. Azurite stimulates the curiosity to discover the truth behind a situation or reality.


SKU: R-Cl-Azurite-36
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