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A wonderful rough charoite specimen, weighing 89 grams measures approx 3" end to end.



Charoite comes from the region of the Char river in Siberia, Russia. This fascinating stone exhibits a monoclinic structure and has the most wonderful properties. If there ever was a stone for a woman then this is that stone. Charoite encourages all that is great about f

emininity and gives it an honour and a respect. It teaches the user the gift of support, kindness, the strength required to be gentle even when situations are difficult, how to be passive in a beautiful way that ensures the job is done and without conflict.

A truly marvellous stone that helps us understand the greatness of the femine

qualities and how much men can learn from the gifts. Charoite is great in situations of stress or times of difficulties. This stone finds our strength for us and shows us that

often the strongest and most noble course of action is kindness.


SKU: R-Ch-Charoite-53
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