Craft Box Part 2

Craft Box Part 2

We are happy to announce that Global Tribes Craft Box Two is now available to buy.

Here's a list of the contents;
Cauldron, charcoal, selenite knife, crystal ball, circle  incense, sandalwood and Neroli energetic room sprays, abalone shell, ritual candles, Fluorite Palm stone, rose quartz Palm stone, pentagram, selenite Palm stone, white Sage smudgestick, Carnelian, rose quartz, rosehip tea, lemon verbena tea, Feng Shui coin, ritual booklet for Ostara, and Beltane, rose petals, sunflower petals, sandalwood and Neroli  bath salts 🛀 cacao full moon celebration kit and inspiration and motivation kit. 

Box 2 adds to box 1. There will be four boxes in total, which brings together all the items to create a full altar and all the candles, incense, literature to fulfill all the main 8 ceremonies involved in the wheel of the year. 

Each box has at least £100 worth of stock and will cost £65.