Fluorite cluster (Weardale)
  • Fluorite cluster (Weardale)

    Check this link for info about this piece of fluorite.https://youtu.be/unVxpOTDIlgFluorite is a beautiful crystal that forms in a range of colours including multicoloured specimens, which can include orange, blue, purple, clear and green. These crystal exhibit an isometric structure and have a hardness of 4.Fluorite is an excellent cleansing stone which can be used on all chakras. These crystals have a cooling and calming energy that leave the user feeling incredibly refreshed.Fuorite can also be used in office and home situations to create a more ordered environment. This multi functioning stone is very useful and versatile.When working with, wearing and storing it is useful to note that it is a relatively soft stone and needs care in storage and whilst wearing it.