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This set of 14 tuning forks correspond to 12 major meridians and 2 central vessels. These tuning forks are also useful for 14 major organs and organ systems. The process used to balance the meridians is called entrainment. Collins' English Dictionary defines "entrainment" as adjusting an internal rhythm, so that it synchronises with something external. In balancing with tuning forks, the vibration of the fork will bring the vibration of the internal meridian or organ group back into the correct vibration, to achieve homeostasis.

About the product
Length of the forks range from 10 to 30 cm
Tuned within a ±0,25% deviation margin
​Comes in a blue velvet pouch, size 40x37cm

These tuning forks are based on these acupuncture meridians: 

- Large intestine 4230 Hz
- Lungs 2287 Hz
- Liver 1032 Hz
- Gall bladder 506.80 Hz
- Triple heater 496 Hz
- Pericardia 447 Hz
- Kidney 383.70
- Bladder 343.80 Hz
- Small intestine 316 Hz
- Heart 289 Hz
- Spleen 264.90 Hz
- Stomach 126.90 Hz
- GV governing 100.90 Hz
- CV central 60 Hz

Meridian Tuning Forks (Set of 14)

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