Phantom Quartz
  • Phantom Quartz

    Beautiful phantom quartz point, freestanding approx 1" tall. SE quality


    Phantom Quartz

    Quartz crystal with smaller images of itself form from mineral deposits,  within the body of the main crystal forming a ghostly or phantom like image within. It is known as one of the master healers.

    It can help to strengthen the auric field from negative energies and energies from electronic equipment. By strengthening the aura the physical body can heal easier. It transforms negative thought patterns and negative emotional patterns into positive ones, brings insight and inspiration, clarity and provide support when needed. Phantom Quartz  is great for meditation and connecting you to your spiritual centres and becoming philosophical. It has also been used  for letting go of the past and standing in your personal power and truth. Helps to improve the flow of energy through your energy systems.