Pyrite Cluster

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Pyrite has a characteristic metallic gold appearance, which is where its nick name of “Fool’s Gold" comes from. Pyrite exhibits an Isometric strucutre and has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the mohs scale of hardness.Pyrite can often be found in cubes, especially from Navjun in Spain, as well as isometric shapes. These crystals are formed hydrothermally, whilst the flat circles of pyrite that can be found are formed metamorphically after the crystals had been formed.This mineral has been discussed and written about by many people with differing views. To me, this mineral slows the mind down almost to the point of mindlessness which relieves any stress on the mental body. In my opinion it is best to work with this mineral below the heart centre. I also advise meditating with it as oppsed to direct placement on skin. I am not a fan of pyrite jewellery worn next to the skin as sweating will cause black iron sulphate to be released, which may cause skin irritation.
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