Rose Quartz crystals on Elestial smokey quartz

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This beautiful rose quartz crystal fan sitting ontop of a milky elestial smokey quartz. Its 80grams in weight and is approximately 6.5cm long and 6cm high.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is a variety of quartz, which exhibits a trigonal structure and has a hardness of 7. Rose quartz is said to have its pink colour due to microscopic inclusions of Dumortierite or Titanium or even manganese.
Rose Quartz is a truly amazing crystal which provides both great strength as well as gentleness. This combination makes it ideal for use in this dualistic reality that requires the flexibility to be both strong and gentle simultaneously. This gentle looking stone has a very strong side which will go looking for anything or any energy that it blocking self love. In this way, rose quartz assists us in learning to love ourselves completely.
Rose quartz supports us and releases us from worry and points us in the direction of a stress free life. Rose Quartz also brings empathy and sensitivity, especially helpful when used by people working with people who have issues around self love.
Rose Quartz is a good friend, optimistic in outlook, practical in action, honest in communication, strong when required and usually gentle in manner.
Milky elestial smokey quartz is grounding and protects from psychic negative energies.Its very useful in helping to achieve personal goals. It is also said to attract abundance so its known as a lucky stone.
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