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Diary of a Crystal Shop Owner #1

Diary of a Crystal Shop Owner #1

August 2022

It’s been another great week in Global Tribe. Each day we see more old faces passing through the shop. We always intended to be a spiritual, alternative hub in the city. For years we have been attracting a diverse group of alternative thinkers. Creating a space, where thoughts and ideas have a supportive environment to be expressed.

As we truly enter the post-pandemic era, a renewed confidence is rising amongst our clients and friends. It was a surprise how our clients were affected by the restrictions imposed upon them over the last two years. Many people retained their strength and confidence throughout the entire episode. Others were very affected and their confidence was knocked.

When we first re-opened on 12th April 2021, we were innundated with huge numbers of under 21s. Crystals had gone mainstream during lockdown and crystals were high fashion for the children of TikTok. Each day we were gobsmacked by the sheer numbers of young people passing through Global Tribe. The energy was light, innocent and efforvescent. It was great to see such throngs of young people getting interested in minerals, crystals, metaphysical and spritual properties.

As the summer progressed their interests grew to include astrology, wicca, spellwork, full moon and new moon rituals. A veritable renaissance was ocurring infront of our eyes on a daily basis. Each day the interest in our industry continued and we began to get to know these new customers. We were fully aware of the fickleness of fashion and at some point in the future this would all slow down. We also knew that beyond being the current trend, many of these new clients would go on to take a real interest in knowing more about subtle energy, astrology and alternative perspectives about the world around us.

Just over a year later, being a destination for the latest must have trend of carnelian, malachite or moldavite has subsided. The huge numbers of under 21s passing through our doors, has diminished. Slowly our older clients have begun returning to our little oasis. Adults began returning to the city. We now have a beautiful balance of all ages, creeds and colours passing through the shop. Global Tribe is Global Tribe once more.

We are having some wonderful communications with our clients. It’s fabulous to see our regulars returning to the city and our little oasis. We welcome a huge number of new clients, who seem to be loving what we do. It is with great joy, that we look around the shop and see a fabulous future unfold not just for Global Tribe but for the world around us too. We are so lucky to have some of the nicest and kindest people passing through our doors.

The crystal industry has struggled to keep up with the demand for crystals over the last 12 months, but all our suppliers seem to have found their stride again, now that global shipping has resumed. It’s funny to watch the world come alive again in all its many facets. Businesses are starting to flow, the cities and towns are starting to fill and the confidence is beginning to appear.

We really look forward to seeing all the new students start arriving for the 2022/23 academic year. Leeds has always been a great student city and we have missed the buzz of youth, innocence and curiosity. It is wonderful to see so many humans together, enjoying life and exploring more.

We have just began our selection of workshops, courses and drop ins again. Maja has been teaching her Yoga for the past year. Bev and I have really benefitted from her expert guidance and care. We simply love our Yoga Tuesdays.

We have started running a weekly meditation drop in on Friday mornings, cost £5, from 8.55am til 9.55am. We have also opened up the dates for the first Introduction to Meditation course, starting on Tuesday 20th September from 7pm til 9pm, Cost £60 for 3 sessions.

Bev and I are looking at running a Crystal Awareness workshop in January. We have been running Crystal Awareness workshops for 20 years at Global Tribe. This will be the first one that we have run for 4 years.

Nicola Dawn has been offering Reiki and Psychic Oracle readings every other Friday. She is a bright light and it is a pleasure to have her working in the building alongside the team.

Chris continues to offer his light hearted comedy with his Chiropody services on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Maja has been offering Full moon and New moon Cacao ceremonies and intention setting evenings for a few years now. They are always well attended and booking in advance is always recommended.

It is great to feel the full flow of people, energy, workshops and courses at Global Tribe. We look forward to seeing you all and enjoying your company.



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Sep 29, 2022

Hey, what a great article! I much enjoyed reading it - feels soothing to see the recent events being put into wider perspective!

Also thrilled about the crystal awarness workshops, been working with them for past few years and have lots of questions haha.

See you soon!

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