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Astrology crystal pack.

Each pack contains crystals that represent the 4 elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire of each astrology sign that pack represents.

Each crystal has an affirmation to go with it.

Packs with organza pouch and info card, zodiac and element crystals and affirmations for each crystal. Some crystals are polishes some are not.



Earth stones for personal growth

Water stones to increase love and friendships

Air stones to boost the intellect

Fire stones to increase energy



·        Aquarius (air); Amethyst (air), Garnet (earth),Moonstone (water), Ruby (fire).

·        Pisces (water); Amethyst (air), Bloodstone (earth), Aquamarine (water), Orange Calcite (fire).

·        Aries (fire); Kyanite (air), Bloodstone (earth), Emerald (water), Carnelian (fire).

·        Taurus (earth); Lapis Lazuli (air), Tigers Eye (earth), Rose Quartz (water), Carnelian (fire).

·        Gemini (air); Topaz (air), Agate (earth), Moonstone (water), Citrine (fire).

·        Cancer (water);  Rhodonite (air), Moss Agate (earth,) Moonstone (water), Ruby (fire).

·        Leo (fire); Clear Quartz (air), Onyx (earth), Emerald (water,) Sunstone (fire).

·        Virgo (earth); Sodalite (air), Rutile Quartz (earth),  Moonstone (water), Carnelian (fire).

·        Libra (air); Lapis Lazuli (air), Aventurine (earth), Opal (water), Citrine (fire).

·        Scorpio (water); Labradorite (air), Smokey Quartz (earth), Aquamarine (water), Obsidian (fire).

·        Sagittarius (fire); Topaz (air), Malachite (earth), Blue lace agate (water), Ruby (fire).

·        Capricorn (earth); Clear Quartz(air), Black Onyx (earth), Green Tourmaline (water), Ruby (fire).  















Astrology Crystal Packs

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