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Learn chakra basics and then deepen your chakra healing practice with the information and exercises in this beautifully designed workbook.

Chakra healing is a classic energy healing method that can bring peace and balance to your body, mind, and spirit. For newcomers to chakra healing, this hands-on workbook collects accessible and enriching exercises that will teach you the basics of chakras and the practice of chakra healing.

Within this book, you’ll explore: 

  • The essentials of the major and minor chakras
  • The basics of energy and spiritual healing
  • Tools for chakra healing, including meditation and breathwork
  • Methods for healing the emotions and spirit through chakras

With real-world exercises and meditations, journaling prompts, and art activities, all accompanied by beautiful full-color illustrations, Chakra Healing is a fun and innovative introduction to energy healing.

In Focus Workbooks series from Wellfleet Press presents hands-on introductions to a wide range of mystical topics. The exercises in each book offer enlightening activities, guided journal prompts, and opportunities to practice newfound skills in disciplines such as tarot reading and chakra healing in the real world. With full-color interiors and beautiful illustrations, the In Focus Workbooks are attractive, practical, and fun guides for newcomers to the mystical arts.

Chakra Healing: An In Focus Workbook

SKU: 9781577153049
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