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Chrysocolla has a distinctive bright sky blue colour which immediately uplifts. This mineral is sedimentary and exhibits an orthorhombic structure. Chrysocolla clears out the lungs and creates a connection with nature and mother Earth herself. This is a very earthly stone which brings a softness and a respect for all things natural and an old and simple perspective with which to view destructive technologies. Chrysocolla inspires right action as demanded by the heart and not the mind. This stone also inspires the users to voice their own opinions.

Chrysocolla is said to help boost and support the immune system, open the lungs for deeper breathing and to aid the circulation.
Chrysocolla has a high copper content so the user can feel nurtured and loved like your getting a hug. 
Chrysocolla is also good at reminding the user to spend time in nature and to look after Mother Earth.


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