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LepidoliteLepidolite is a variety of Muscovite Mica which exhibits a monoclinic structure and has a hardness of 2.5 on the Moh’s scale. This form of mica has a particular colour ranging from lilac to purple which indicates the presence of Lithium in its structure. It is the Lithium that gives this particular stone its very calming and soothing qualities. Lepidolite naturally calms the nerves and emotions, bringing balance to the user. This stone is excellent to use in cases of depression. Lepidolite works in a very gentle manner bringing emotional support and a duty of care. This stone is excellent for use in times of stress or emotional exhaustion. In daily life it is very supportive, comforting and a delight to work with regardless of any adverse conditions. Lepidolite acts like a true friend. This is a fist-sized freestanding lepidolite in matrixThis piece really reminds me of a little bear, such a wonderful energy!

Lepidolite Botryoidal

SKU: R-Ch-Lepidolite-Botryoidal-38
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