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Brings heightened awareness of your spirituality  by releasing  inner suffering and pain to allow your spiritual, emotional and mental growth to be maintained or developed. It shows that all kinds of experiences in life are simply experiences no matter how challenging they might have been and not to get bogged down by negativity. This stone can be used as a catalyst to bring change by helping you to discover your inner strength, courage, peace and confidence. It is a joyous stone and very loving and shows you that anything is possible if you truly wish it to be so.
This stone attunes you to your heart and divine love by releasing stress and anxieties. It has been used to treat palpitations, heart conditions, clearing the lungs, asthma, vertigo, tongue problems, thyroid balancer as well as finding clarity in the underlining cause of an illness.
Be careful of what you wish for with this stone as it will amplify your intentions to the universe.


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