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measures approx 2"


Green Tourmaline is also piezo-electric, and so also brings stability and balance. Green tourmaline works well with the heart, producing a very stabile emeotional state, which is supported by feelings of love. Green tourmaline is excellent to use after flying to reduce jet lag, this can be achieved by simply applying the tip of a crystal to various points on the roof of the head. Green tourmaline is excellent to use after moments of stress and brings great healing and strength to the heart.

Pink tourmaline has many of the properties that green tourmaline has, although it is works

in a much gentler manner and is particularly good with the emotions. This is one of the best heart healers in the crystal world, the lithium in its structure brings great emotional balance and helps to lift the user out of depression.

Watermelon Tourmaline is a rare and beautiful combination of pink tourmaline in the centre of the crystal and green tourmaline growing naturally around the pink. This very gentle operating crystal produces deep and profound results when used in regard to most emotional situations.

Pale Watermelon Tourmaline

SKU: R-Pt-Tourmaline-wm-18
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