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 In its truest sense Blue Scheelite which is also becoming popular by its alternative name Lapis Lace Onyx is composed of quite a few minerals which gives it so many amazing qualities.

It is a gorgeous mineral which has a rare combination of Calcite, Scheelite and Blue Dolomite. The base rock of the stone mainly consists of Calcite which gives it a pale color. The high alkaline content increases the base energy. There are dark cream, gold and yellow areas in the middle of the stone which indicate the presence of the mineral Scheelite while the blue strips above are due to the presence of Blue Dolomite. It is in this area that the masculine and feminine energies are balanced. Though Dolomite and Calcite are quite similar in composition yet can behave differently, in a Blue Scheelite stone they come together as supportive minerals. 


Scheelite, Blue

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