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  • Sulphur

    Large piece of rough sulphur. Measures approx 2.5" across, displays crystals only on one face



    A pure fire energy crystal.  It’s a great stone to help with detoxification of the bodies both physical, emotional and mental, by releasing negative energies. If someone is too firey or too will full it will help to calm them down. It is good for those who are prone to negative outburst or anger management issues.  Sulphur is very energising and will eliminate blockages that are stopping you from progressing forward.

    It has been used to treat infections, reducing fever, skin issues, joint point, swelling, colds and physical exhaustion. Often used for healing stomach ache and indigestion, depression and sleep problems. Do not heat sulphur or put into water as the by product of sulphur dioxide and sulphuric acid is harmful and toxic.