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Candle Magic

As the autumn and winter months draw closer, many of us will soon be starting to use candles as the long nights draw in. Candles can be used for many different purposes, from simply bringing a pleasant fragrance to a room, to creating a warm, comforting and safe space using its glow, to candle magic and ritual work. Here at Global Tribe, we stock a large range of candles that are sure to meet all needs and purposes. In this blog, I will be explaining a little about candle magic, the different uses and meanings of candles in rituals and taking you through some of our wonderful candles.

The history of candle magic;

Candle magic has been around for centuries- the Ancient Egyptians believed that lighting a candle or fire by the bed of a sleeping person would enable that person to travel in their dreams, to see Gods in their dreams and to retrieve answers to any questions they had in life. Other ancient civilisations, such as the Celts, would stare into the flame of a candle or fire to find answers to questions or, in some cases, to retrieve information from the future. The Celts and ancient Pagan tribes would also use candle flames in order to speak to any deities, spirits or loved ones that had passed on, as it was believed the flame of the candle called out to any spirits living in the afterlife and draw them back to our realm. Candles are often placed by the beds of those who are ill or dying in order to ward away evil spirits or demons who may be trying to claim the spirit of the ill or dying person.

During the witch hunts across Europe spanning from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, people were informed that lighting a candle at the door to their home would protect them from witchcraft. In the Malleus Maleficarum, the handbook published in 1486 informing people how to identify witches, it states that keeping a candle that has been consecrated by a holy figure would “...preserve oneself from the injury of witches.” Some of the first recorded uses of candles for dark ritual magic also originate from this era, with those accused of witchcraft often being accused of placing a cursed candle within the home of someone they disliked, with the victim often falling ill or dying soon after. This type of ritualistic candle magic has been carried on through the centuries, particularly into the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Due to candles traditionally being made from the fat of animals, they were often used in rituals that drew on the energy the animal had in life. In some rare cases, candles made from human fat would be used in dark ritualistic practices and black magic in order to cause harm or death.

Candle Colours and their meanings;

Although the uses of each different coloured candle can vary depending on personal preferences or association, there are traditional candle colours and scents for different purposes. For example;

  • White is traditionally associated with purification, meditation

  • Black- Protection from negative energies and spirits, grounding and repelling

  • Red- Passion, sexual energy and power

  • Green- Health, wealth and personal growth

  • Blue- Calming energy and tranquility

  • Yellow- Joy, abundance and enlightenment

  • Orange- Joy and creativity

  • Purple- Psychic energies and meditation

  • Pink- Love, romance and fertility

  • Gold- Good wealth, luck and strength

  • Brown- Friendship and grounding

  • Silver- Neutralising, good for using during moon magic work and dream work

As with incense and essential oils, the scent of a candle can be a very personal thing. For example, one person may find the scent of lavender calming and comforting, but another person may not. In store, we have a wide range of candles with a variety of wonderful scents. Our range of St Eval candles come in a variety of scents drawing from the English coast line

and woodland, such as Sea Salt, Oak and Moss. We stock a range of spell candles topped with crystals which are perfect to use in personal rituals or for a pleasant scent. We also stock a large range of small ritual candles and larger dinner candles in all the above colours.

In our bookshop, we have a variety of books which provide helpful information on candle magic- I have included three popular and helpful books we stock in store. Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland is a useful guide book containing

a wide variety of rituals to do yourself, providing you with everything you will need and step by step guides on how to perform each one. Candlelight Spells by Gerina Dunwich is the perfect guide for those looking into all areas of candle magic, such as how to make your own ritual candles, which herbs to use for what ritual as well as a section of different spells. Finally, The Big Book of Candle Magic by Jacki Smith is an in depth look at all things candle magic, from relevant stones and oils to the meanings of different burning patterns.

Whatever your candle needs, whether candle magic or simply a pleasant smell during the autumn and winter months, we are sure you will find what is right for you in store.

Practical Candleburning Rituals- Raymond Buckland; £14

Candlelight Spells- Gerina Dunwich; £15.99

The Big Book of Candle Magic- Jacki Smith; £19

Full colour ritual candles (non scented); 50p each

Full colour dinner candles (non scented); £2.00 each

St Eval Tealights; £9.75 each

St Eval Tin Candles; £14.00 each

Scented Crystal Candles; £14.00 each

Magic Spell Candles; £10.50 each

Inner Growth Candles; £18.00 each


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