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What We're Reading, April 2023- 'Atalanta' by Jennifer Saint

This month I have been reading Jennifer Saint's latest literary gem 'Atalanta'.

I recently read ‘Atalanta’ by Jennifer Saint. The newest addition to Saint’s retelling of Greek myths told from the much overlooked women’s point of view is an enthralling tale of adventure and journeying into the unknown with a poignant mix of passion, love and religion. If you have read Saint’s other works, 'Ariadne' (2021) and 'Elektra' (2022), Atalanta is sure to be a smash hit to be read and reread again.

The book begins with Atalanta, a Princess born of King Iasus, being abandoned on a mountain side as a new-born and adopted by a Mother bear who raises her as one of her own cubs. As a young child, Atalanta is taken into the care of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, and is raised amongst her nymphs learning how to hunt and live a life of peace and chastity in the forest. When news a band of heroes unlike any other are starting a quest to take the fabled Golden Fleece, Artemis sends the young Atalanta to sail as the only woman among the Argonauts to bring honour to her name. Throughout the tale, Saint takes the reader on a journey through beloved Greek myths and tales, bringing them to the reader through a new viewpoint while exploring different themes from pride, power, lust, love and joy.

For fans of Madeline Miller’s 'The Song of Achilles' (2011) and 'Circe' (2019) and fans of Greek mythology alike, Jennifer Saint’s latest triumph is sure to be a page turner, leaving the reader craving for more.


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