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Cleansing Crystals

There are a variety of methods we can employ to cleanse our crystals. Some involve water, some sound, others involve smoke or fire. How can we choose the best option to cleanse our crystals. Below you will find a number of different options with which you can decide which is the best to cleanse your crystals. Remember to choose the options that you are most comfortable using. The options you choose may change with time, situation or environment.

Natural Water

Run the crystal under a cold tap for 5 to 10 minutes or until it feels cleansed. This can be done easily at home or work.

Place the crystals in a bowl of water for 1 to 24 hours. Use your intuition to decide when to remove the crystals from the water. Remember to throw the water away after you have cleansed your crystals in it !

Some people suggest working with salt water, this is however is not recommended, as salt is a corrosive mineral and will begin to harm the crystal at a physical level.

Cleansing with water is a wonderful way to cleanse your crystals. However, some crystals don’t like to be cleansed with water as they affect their physical nature. Selenite, Angelite and Opal are three stones in particular that don’t like water. Tschmergite and Chalcancithe also don’t like to be cleansed in water.

Cleansing with water also physically cleans the outside of the crystal and they always look bright and sparkly after a bath. If you are cleansing a lot of crystals then cleansing by water may be time consuming!


Light a smudge stick and place each crystal or all the crystals to be cleansed in the smoke for 10-15 minutes. Follow your intuition when deciding when the crystals have been cleansed.

There are all kinds of smudge sticks available in the market place, white sage, desert sage and combinations of sage with sweet grass and lavender.

Cleansing with sage is wonderful and whilst cleansing your crystals you are also cleansing the energies of the space in which you are cleansing. It is possible to cleanse many crystals easily when smudging. As far as I am aware there are no crystals which don’t like smudging. There is a lot of smoke involved with smudging and this can be uncomfortable some and even set off fire alarms. If you want your crystals to physically shine, then you may still have to polish or dust them after smudging is complete.


Fill a clear glass bowl with uncooked red, brown or black rice and then totally immerse the crystal to be cleansed in the rice for 24 hours. Again use your intuition to decide when the crystal has been cleansed. Once the negative and adverse vibrations have been absorbed by the rice, remove the crystal from the rice and throw the rice away.

Cleansing with rice is a very thorough way to cleanse crystals. It is also possible to cleanse rooms and homes with rice. Always remember to throw the rice away, as it will have absorbed the adverse vibrations from the crystal.

This is a wonderful method to employ but takes time and is not useful when cleansing larger numbers of crystals.


If a crystal has a particularly negative state and needs more than just a cleanse, then we can bury the crystal in the earth and leave it there until

its time to bring it back. In doing this we are returning the crystal to mother earth, where all negative vibrations, emotions and programs will be gently released into the earth and transmuted into more useful energies.

Cleansing through burying crystals is a slow process and is generally used when no other form of cleansing seems to do the job. This is not a very practical method but when the need arises it can cleanse the crystal in time.


We can cleanse with fire by simply passing each crystal quickly through a candle flame or by surrounding each crystal with candles. Leave the crystals surrounded by the candles for as long as seems required.

Some crystals don’t like fire, like opal and we must consider this before we cleanse them in this way. Also some people don’t like working with fire. Remember to do things that you are comfortable with, some people love fire.

This is a nice method which can be very romantic and a lot of fun.


We can cleanse crystals using different forms of sound. Different instruments we can use for cleansing include singing bowls, shamanic drums and rattles, bells, tuning forks or Tibetan chimes. We can also tone various sounds or mantrams including Om.

Using sound is an enjoyable and fast way to cleanse crystals. We can use sound to cleanse many crystals at the same time. Sound also can clear spaces and rooms at the same time. I believe we will begin to use sound much more in the future especially for aligning, attuning and cleansing.

Sound works fast but depending upon the clarity and the strength of the sound used it may not be as thorough as other methods previously discussed. As sound tools become more accurate and potent, this method may become more efficient and effective.

Gem Essences and Sprays

There are a few dedicated essences and sprays that have been specifically designed and prepared to cleanse crystals and spaces. These include Angel of Light, Bush Flower remedies ( space clearer)  and Aura Soma    ( Serapis Bey ). Simply spray a little over and around the crystal to be cleansed. In the case where there is no spray option, then rub the essence into your hands and then rub your hands over and around the crystal to be cleansed.

This is a fantastic method of cleansing when speed is required. This method is not as thorough as others previously discussed.

Reike / Spiritual Healing

We can simply apply Reike or spiritual healing by intending that we cleanse the crystal in question of all negative or adverse energies.

Reike is very fashionable at the moment, and can be very powerful. The level of cleansing will depend upon the state of the practioner and their level of ability.

After we have cleansed the crystals….

It can be very useful for us to charge or re-energise crystals after we have cleansed them. We can charge crystals in numerous ways.

We can leave the crystals out under moonlight, either on a window sill or in the garden or a special place of our choosing. When using moonlight it might be wise to use the waxing or growing moon, ie up to and including full moon.

We could also leave our crystal out in the middle of a storm. This will charge the crystals with storm energy.

We can also charge crystals up on a bed of amethyst. This is a wonderful method. However it has been noted that if crystals are left on an amethyst bed for a long time they may absorb some of the energies and attributes of the amethyst itself.

Which ever method we choose to charge our crystals it is good to note that each will have slightly different results. As we become more proficient at using our crystals we will understand which methods of charging and cleansing are more appropriate at different times with different crystals.

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