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Crystals Arriving from Brazil on Tuesday

Thank you so much for checking in here at Global Tribe.

It seems like an age since we went to Brazil on a buying trip.

There are literally tonnes of crystals arriving from Brazil on Tuesday 28th May. They are a bit late as they went by boat to Valencia, where they stayed for 4 weeks. Then they travelled to Barcelona for a week and they have finally arrived in the UK, yesterday.

All the crystals cleared customs on Thursday 23rd May and will be in storage here in Leeds on Tuesday. We can’t wait to share all of these treasures with you all.

Crystals will start arriving in the shop from Wednesday 29th May.

We have an Introduction to Tarot workshop on Sunday 9th June and an introduction to the Kabbalah on 14th July.

We have made a beautiful transition from the Cafe into the Bookshop. The vibe is light and uplifting. Thanks to all of you, who have supported the Bookshop. There is an air of calm and peace, which has descended through the building.

We have some new therapist and readers to join the Bliss therapy team. Kelly is doing her unique blend of Reiki, Massage, aromatherapy and Nutrition on Sundays.

We have Chris attending to all your podiatry needs on Monday, Thursday and Saturdays.

Nola is reading Tarot on Tuesdays.

Sammie is giving Tarot and Angel card readings in addition to Hypnotherapy, past life regression and holistic massage on Wednesdays.

Maja has begun her Yoga classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

So here’s wishing you all a beautiful weekend as the Summer weather has arrived.

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