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Crystals Explained - A/B

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


Agate is a type of quartz, which can be found in a variety of colours. The best quality Agates come from Rio Grande de Sul in Brasil.

Agates increase stability and encourage a supportive atmosphere. Agate has been called the stone of fidelity and has often been given as a gift to newly weds and as anniversary presents.


Amethyst is a form of quartz which has traces of manganese and lithium within its matrix. This stone has been used for thousands of years to promote calmness and relaxation.

Amethyst is known to promote healing and to increase intuition. Amethyst is an excellent to use in the development of the third eye.


Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It can often be seen to be transluscent purple with bands or areas of orange within, almost like a sunset.

Ametrine combines the properties of both Citrine and Amethyst, bringing an interesting combination. Ametrine helps us to connect our intuition (inner knowing) to our intellect (our understanding ). Ametrine also acts to energise the third eye and calm the solar plexus. This can help us to be relaxed in attitude whilst being simultaneously alert to understanding

new situations more easily. Ametrine also works very well to ease headaches including migraines.


Apophylite is a delightfull crystal the usually comes from the Pune region of India. This stone has a clarity and brilliance which naturally evokes feelings of spontaneity, majic and

clarity in the user or environment. Working with Apophylite is an effervescent feeling of liberation which gently enhances our desire to be more experimental and playful.

Apophylite opens us up to new horizons and helps us to let go of the limitations of habits and to embrace new realities and perspectives. In this way, Apophylite has been known to assist the user to learn Astral Travel.


Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family and as such brings about an increased harmony between user and environment.Aquamarine is known as thestone of peace. This beautiful

crystal can come in a variety of colours ranging from deep and vibrant carribean blue to almost green.

Aquamarine promotes acceptance, which helps the user to accept the different perspectives and beliefs of others and in doing so makes it easier for others to accept the users beliefs

and perspectives.

Aquamarine is an excellent stone for working in large groups and its effects are quickly integrated becoming realisations, which naturally become the new fabric of our being.


Aventurine is also known as Green Quartz and is very harmonising and balancing stone. Green quartz brings us the support that is often associated with the quartz family. It also

brings a change of perception towards justice, balance and increases a desire to be connected to nature. This is an excellent stone to work enhance relationships with people and environments.


Apatite is a hexagonal structured crystal that is Calcium based.

Apatite can come in a variety of colours ranging from neon blue to yellow.

Neon Blue Apatite is a crystal which works specifically on the thyroid centre and throat chakra. This crystal assists in the development of Psychic abilities including enquiries backwards and forwards in time.

Fluoroapatite is the yellow form of the Apatite family of crystals. This crystal is often found in Mexico and is relatively inexpensive. This crystal has a delightful uplifting energy that

both energises and refreshesin a calm and gentle manner as is often the case with hexagonal crystals.


Amazonite is a variety of microcline which comes in colours from green to bright blue and all the shades in between. This crystal works well on both the Throat and Heart chakras.

Amazonite links these two chakras, clearing blockages and facilitating more honest communication both with others and yourself.


Ambligonite is a form of Phosphate including Lithium, Aluminium and Sodium. This crystal exhibits a triclinic structure and comes in colours from milky white to clear and translucent

yellow. Ambligonite gently increases energy levels whilst inspiring a clarity of thought and new ideas. This crystal brings support and increases feelings of self worth.


Actinolite is a very metallic crystal which forms in a radial nature and has monoclinic crystalline system. This crystal supports the mental body and crystallises our thought processes. This crystal helps remove the emotional aspects of decision making and brings about logical answers to questions and enquiries.

When found in quartz, Actinolite enhances the energy of the quartz producing a faster vibration.


Adamite forms in crystals that can range in colour from colourless to yellow to green and also to red. Adamite crystals exhibit an orthorhombic structure.

Adamite increases can increase our levels of creativity and help to clear channels to promote connection between our crown and root chakras. This is an excellent crystal to work with

during any creative process.


Angelite is a form of anhydrite, often found in Peru. It is a very soft mineral which exhibits an orthorhombic structure. Angelite is a very soft and gentle stone which is very calming

and relaxing. It is a stone that pacifies and comforts. Working with Angelite attaches us to our softer and more gentle qualities. In this way, it can help us to listen to the voice of

intuition that is often overlooked in the business of moderndaily living.


Astrophylite is a copper coloured crystal that exhibits a triclinic structure. This mineral activates all chakras, stimulating and increasing the flow of energy throughout the body. This mineral is an excelent stone for raising our vibrations, opening our crown chakras and encouraging a positive outlook. Use below the heart chakra for best results.


Attacamite forms in green crystals after the oxidisation of copper and exhibits orthorhombic structure. This great crystal has a fabulous vibrant colour which encourages a happy and

balanced disposition which is conducive to a well measured approach to life. This mineral brings about a balance between activity and rest.


Albite forms in beautiful tabular crystals in colours ranging from clear through grey to blue. These crystals exhibit a triclinic nature.This crystal has a very uplifting nature which inspires all who see good quality specimens of this wonderful mineral. Albite opens the crown chakra and the throat chakra allowing for meaningful communication at psychic levels.


Alexandrite is green form of Chrysoberyl which exhibits orthorhombic structure. In particular, this mineral also exhibits a colour change in differing lights. The same Alexandrite crystal

can appear green, red and purple in lights of differing frequencies.This crystal is a wonderful stone to work with or wear. It has the ability to connect the heart to the third eye whilst evoking the passion of the root chakra. The crystal energises and provides acceptance at many levels. It allows for the flow of intuition to and from the heart and and inspires measured responses to the users surroundings. This truly is a stone of Kings, in the true meaning of the word King or Queen. Not in birthright but in the essence of the highest possible in Humankind.


Axinite forms in tabular crystals in colours ranging from clear to brown to a deep purple. Axinite is a tremendous crystal for clearing the lower chakras and allowing the energy of the

creative centres to be clear. This crystal brings clarity to our actions and supports us with well measured responses to situations.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears are a form of Obsidian or Volcanic Glass and as such do not exhibit any particular crystalline structure as they cooled too quickly. Apache tears have a strong, supportive and enquiring nature. They help the user to find aspects of his/her

personality that need to be dealt with. They amplify traits to the userwhich need to be attended to.


Azurite forms as nodules or as beautiful deep blue crystals which exhibit Monoclinic structure. The nodules also have a deep blue colour, but not as deep and regal as the crystals.

Azurite is deep in colour and deep in its nature. This crystal puts us at our ease and then facilitates the deepest enquiries into both our nature as humans and our relationship with each other, our surroundings and also the more fundamental questions of philosophy. This crystal is great for working with intuition and our psychic abilities. More often than not this

mineral will produce answers as opposed to possibilities. Some intuitional stones activate the arenas of imagination as well as lines of investigation into the nature of truth. This stone does not entertain imagination, it is a stone which truly seeks the truth


Boracite forms in crystals that range in colour from blue to green and exhibit orthorhombic

structure. This crystal has a gentle nature that opens channels and paths between the heart and the throat.


Bornite forms as a metallic mineral which exhibits a copper red colour when first exposed to the atmosphere, which quickly tarniches to produce a range of coours including purple, blue, yellow, red and green. This is the reason that itis often called peacock ore. This mineral also exhibits orthorhombic structure.

Bornite inspires anyone that sees it, with its wow factor colours and uplifting metallic appeal. It naturally lifts us out of our emotions into a land of wonder and positive thoughts. This stone clears our upper chakras from the shoulders up it lifts us up.


Benitoite is a very rare crystal that comes from Sao Benito in California. Benitoite has a deep

sapphire blue colour and exhibits hexagaonal structure. This mineral is an excellent mineral for working with the third eye. This crystal helps to open the third eye and over time assists the user in their voyage of discovery inside and on other planes of consciousness.


Brazilianite was named after the country in which it was found and has a colour range from yellow to pale green. This crystal exhibits a monoclinic structure. Brazilianite is an excellent stone for connection to our hearts and the true nature of our heart’s expression. Brazilianite inspires clarity of thought, the type that comes when our thoughts are clearly algned with our hearts desire. This stone bring about congruency in our lives and in this way it enhances both our thoughts and actions.

This is the true path towards manifestation of our desired reality around us.


Bismuth is an element which forms naturally as a metalloid and tarnishes quickly in oxygen to form multi coloured ores ranging from pink to green to blue. Bismuth can often be found for sale in crystal shops in elaborate shapes and vivid colours. These are manufactured in this manner. Bismuth forms with a trigonal structure. Bismuth inspires, uplifts and inspires quick thought and can be used to inspire imaginative pursuits.


Baryte forms in white to colourless tabular crystals that exhibit orthorhombic structure. Baryte helps to facilitate clear thinking. It is not an especially energetic crystal.


Brookite forms in thin metallic like wafers that have a brown to yellowy brown translucent colour. They exhibit orthorhombic structures. Brookite speeds up the flow of energy especially when found inside or with quartz. Brookite uplifts and inspires creative thinking and action, it is especially good at enhancing the electrical systems of the body and supporting the flow of energy within, to and from the subtle bodies. Good to work with below the throat chakra

Blue John

Blue John is a form of Fluorite that can be found in Derbyshire near Castleton. This particular form of fluorite has two colour Blue and Yellow. The name comes from the French for the two colours, bleu and Jeunne. It forms in Cubic structures and is an excellent for cleansing and clearing energy centres.

Fluorite is also great for bringing more order into the user’s life.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a form of agate which is extremely soft, gentle and supportive. This stone is excellent for cooling people down. This type of agate also encourages a soft attitude which opens the user up to subtler forces and in so doing can inspire deeper investigations into consciousness.


Bloodstone is a form of Chalcedony that forms in a green massive form and

that has spots of red jasper within its matrix. This crystal exhibits trigonal structure and has a hardness of 7.

Bloodstone is said to have been the very first crystal to have been documented in a healing process. A German lady Hildegard von Bingen is said to have used it to cure ear infections. This mineral strengthens the will and is very supportive bringing a balance and an increased energy. This stone is comforting and inspires trust and loyalty.

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