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Crystals, Meditation, Yoga and Tarot.

We have so much going on at Global Tribe these days.

Over the year, we have increased our range of books, tarot and packs cards. We have regular deliveries, almost every week.

Carole is reading Tarot every Wednesday.

Baljinder is offering Reiki on Monday's.

Maja delivers yoga sessions on Tuesday's and Thursdays.

We have a great collection of drinks and cakes to refuel you during your visit.

The shop is fully stocked with a huge range of crystals, oils, incense, calendars, gift cards, jewellery and oil diffusers.

We are so happy with how the whole building feels and we look forward to seeing you all in the run up to Christmas and into 2020.

Many thanks to you all,

We really appreciate you all.


The Team @ Global Tribe

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