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Time to Re-Open our doors

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Time to open the doors

We will be re-opening our doors on Wednesday 17th June.

It’s been so long since we have opened our doors to the world, 88 days to be exact. At times it was strange going into the shop to wrap the online orders. We missed saying hello to Annaly, Donovan and Rei in the shop. We missed getting a cappuccino from Josh or Maja in the bookshop. We missed seeing Chris, Carole and Baljinder passing through for their treatments and workshops. We really missed our Tuesday morning Yoga with Maja. This was the longest period that our doors have been closed in our 20 years of trading. We have missed you all. We’ve missed all your happy faces, inspired conversations, friends, clients and colleagues.

We have been preparing for the last week to open Global Tribe to all you customers, friends and clients. We still have a little bit to do, but we are very excited to be seeing all your lovely faces again.

We will be opening all parts of the business. The shop and bookshop will both be open, but we will monitor and control the number of clients within each area. We will be offering a takeaway service for coffees, teas, soft drinks and vegan cakes. Chris will again be offering his chiropody on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We have begun a complete clean, cleanse and sterilisation of the whole building. We have now received the Perspex screens for the tills, floor stickers and tape for social distancing and a large amount of hand sanitiser. The government have laid out the guidelines, which we are following. We are aware that this situation is a fluid situation and we will continue to keep up to date with all the changing government guidelines and advice.

We are providing hand sanitiser at the entrance to both the shop and the bookshop. We are encouraging the use of the sanitiser, as this will help to keep the products sanitised for people to inspect or purchase.

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has continued to support our business online. We have uploaded hundreds of products online. At the last count there were over 1000 products available to buy online.

It’s been an eventful period in human history, a collective experience of 88 days. As we come back together to share our lives again, let’s remember that we have all experienced this moment in different ways. Between us we have experienced peace, calm, fear, anxiety, freedom, frustration, love, friendship, loneliness, grief, love, kindness and generosity amongst many others.

Let’s remember to be extra kind and understanding with each other. We have missed the collective experience. Maybe, we have learned to appreciate each other a little more. Some of us will be walking confidently amongst the streets of Leeds, others will be unsure and anxious. All of these responses are relevant. We ask that we are all respectful of the feelings and the states of mind that our fellow friends, colleagues, customers and clients find themselves.

So, with that in mind, we are so very, very happy to be opening our doors to you all once more. We look forward to sharing our love, friendship, kindness, gratitude and stories with you all.

Because when all is said and done, we are one

Global Tribe.

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