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Uranus in Taurus

We find ourselves in strange times. Who could have predicted our current situation.

Uranus in Taurus is a time of break ups and shake ups. Uranus brings random change to large established entities like banks, Governments and corporations.

We are surely living in such times.

There is so much change and upheaval in the air. Who knows which things may change during this period.

Each situation we find ourselves in is both a blessing and a curse, good and bad, restrictive and freeing. Can you find the opportunities within each situation. What are you learning about yourself and each other.

The world used to move so fast, many of us asked to be able to get off this merry go round, if only for a few weeks or months.

There is a pause in the world and in that pause we can re-evaluate what is important and what is not.

What projects have you wished to do but not had the time ?

What books have you wished to read ?

Which jobs around the house have you put off ?

Soon, before we know it, the wheel will start to turn again. This lockdown will be over and we will return to a new life, with new perspectives and new priorities.

We will cherish the people we love. We will give more time and presence to each other. We will share space and time with each other.

The simple things in life, friends, family, touch and hugs, good food, great company, shared experiences, love, shared laughter and joy.

Life is a human experience shared with other humans.

This too wil pass

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