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What We're Reading - The Lamplighters

I'm currently reading Emma Stonex's 2021 novel 'The Lamplighters'.

This atmospheric paranormal mystery sets the perfect scene in every easy to read, bitesized chapter. The reader follows the lives of a group of light keepers on The Maiden Rock Lighthouse in Cornwall and their mysterious disappearance from within the locked lighthouse surrounded by a storm chopped sea.

The table is still set ready for dinner, everything is ready for the shift change tending the light; but this never happened. Jumping between 1972 and 1992, the reader discovers more about the light keepers and their wives as they try to move on from the devastating loss of their loved ones whilst trying to find out what truly happened to them. Some trying to forget the whole thing entirely.

Inspired by the true disappearances of three lightkeepers on the Outer Hebrides in 1900, 'The Lamplighters' is bound to keep readers guessing with every turning page

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